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Richfield Reviews: Augsburg Skate Park

Location Information
70th and Nicollet Avenue
Richfield, MN 55423

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In this review I will be explaining what to expect on your visit to the Augsburg skate park in Richfield. When you first arrive you will notice that the area is incredible, located next to a small river and surrounded by budding trees and green grass as far as you can see, makes the park the ideal place to enjoy a beautiful day outside. There are also playgrounds and picnic tables nearby ready to be enjoyed by the entire family.

Augsburg Skate Park Experience

The skate park is definitely ideal for anyone who skateboards and/or rollerblades and is looking to up their skill level. On my visit the park had three young men practicing skateboarding, and it actually was a lot of fun just watching them perform various tricks on the ramps. The skate park itself is a little on the small side, but it is in such a great area that even if you are more of a spectator, like myself, you will definitely enjoy your time there. There are a ton of awesome nearby things to do, including; checking out the library, taking younger children to the playground, having a picnic by the river, playing tennis, and much more.

Other Notes

Other things you can expect on your visit is the skate park is pretty typical consisting of a number of ramps and trick bars, and the park always seems to be a popular hangout spot for young skaters. That being said, I highly recommend grabbing the entire family and heading to the park, your teens can enjoy the skate park, while you and the kiddos enjoy spending the day outside with a ton of great things to do!

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