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Richfield Reviews: Beerfest at Richfield Liquor

Location Information
6444 Lyndale Ave S.
Richfield, MN 55423

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This edition of Richfield Reviews is unique as I will be explaining my experience attending one of the local Richfield events, Beerfest at Richfield Liquor. A little more information on this event, Richfield Liquor hosts an event in which various vendors set up booths in which you can roam around the store and sample a number of beers and malt beverages.

Beerfest Experience

I want to start by saying that this event was awesome! When you first enter the liquor store the isles are packed with vendors and people sampling drinks. There was a wide variety of products to sample including a number of beers, Mikes Hard Lemonade, meat samples from Von Hanson’s Meat, and more! Each vendor had snacks out to go with their alcohol samples and there were also prizes given away at the end of the event, which included a Les Paul guitar! This event was super fun, especially if you are a beer drinker, as you can sample a bunch of beers before you buy them which is really nice to know exactly what you are getting. It was also very interesting learning more about the products, for example Veterans Brewing is a new brewing company based out of Cold Spring, MN in which all of the staff members are Veterans and the vendor gave us a ton of great information on their beer and company as a whole.

Other Notes

If you have never been to Richfield Liquor Beerfest you need to go! I spoke with the owner on my visit and it turns out that there are several more of these planned, you can stay up to date with when these events are by visiting the Richfield events calendar, this calendar is also a great place just to check out what is happening locally.

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This edition of the Richfield Reviews has been prepared by Nicole Sobania. It is important to note that the author is not a professional critic, but just an average person telling readers about her experience at these facilities. These reviews are also not meant to be harsh critiques, but simply to let readers know what to expect upon their visit.