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Richfield Reviews by Dan Randolph

Chain Restaurants offer a known and consistent menu to their patrons. The patrons who frequent the chain often know exactly what they are going to get when they walk in the door. Boston Market is best known for Rotisserie Chicken, but they also have other favorites and a good lunch menu.

Outstanding Customer Service

What is unique about the Richfield Boston Market is the customer service. I think you will find Richfield a cut above most fast casual chain restaurants.

This summer, while dining at the Richfield Boston Market, the power went out. It was late afternoon so the dining area was well lit, but the kitchen was dark. The staff went into overdrive to make sure the customers were well cared for and had what they needed. The pop machine was off so they took the bottled pop from the cold cases and started serving customers at their table. The people who worked in the kitchen came out to help out and all the staff buzzed around the store to make sure customers were safe and cared for. It was that perfect case of staff going overboard in a tough situation. While that was an extraordinary case, generally you’ll find the staff goes above and beyond expectations.

The Richfield Boston market tries to fill a gap between fast casual and sit-down restaurants. After you order, they bring the food to the table on a real plate and give you real silverware. Staff drop by the table to make sure all is good and I have even had staff ask if I needed a drink refill.

Rotisserie Chicken, Great Lunch Options and So Much More

On the food side you can find delicious sandwiches, bowls and sides for lunch and full meals with a huge selection of sides for dinners. The rotisserie chicken is the most popular but they have pot pies, meatloaf, turkey and much more. The food is consistently good.

Today was cold out so it was very nice to sit in the sun-filled dining area.

If you are in the mood for sit down food but only have time for fast casual the Richfield Boston Market is the perfect option.

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