Richfield Reviews: Elev8 Wellness

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6244 Lyndale Ave. S.
Richfield, MN 55423

Richfield Reviews by Kerry Galbraith

Elev8 Wellness on Lyndale and 63rd Street in Richfield is not your average gym. This chic little space tucked between a gas station and a staffing agency is the passion project of Jonathon Watters. Watters had a vision to combine his passion for wellness with his extensive knowledge of fitness, nutrition, biomechanics, hormone and neurological pathways to create a holistic approach centered on client health.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jonathon Watters’ better half this morning for a personal tour of the Elev8 Wellness facilities. Constantine Watters is responsible for the beautiful branding of Elev8 Wellness, the first thing you’ll notice as you walk in the door. Constantine showed me past the small reception area and into the first half of the gym. Fully equipped with state of the art work out machines, a sauna, and a huge wall of mirrors, the small space is surprisingly well utilized. As we pass through, a personal trainer is working with a woman and the two are so focused on their reps that they don’t seem to notice the intrusion.

As we continue on our tour, Constantine explains to me that she and her husband envisioned a space where people would feel as comfortable and as cared for as they do in their own homes. This gym experience is designed to be the opposite of what you might find at an L.A. Fitness or Lifetime. Devoid of the loud music, the perpetually full cardio machines, and the pumped up bodybuilders sizing each other up, Elev8 Wellness makes me feel safe and comfortable. This, I quickly learn, was exactly the intention of Constantine and Jonathon Watters. That’s not to say that bodybuilders are not welcome, or would not benefit from one on one training with Jonathon. Jonathon’s clientele ranges from people trying to overcome an injury, to busy mothers looking for a new workout routine, to experienced athletes that just want a new way to challenge themselves. Constantine tells me of one client, a woman in her late fifties who struggled with her weight her entire life, who after working with Jonathon, was able to earn her pro card in bodybuilding!

For people looking to take advantage of what Elev8 has to offer, look for a new class list as well as a few new trainers, coming this fall. With Jonathon’s unique approach, you’ll have the opportunity to adopt a new fitness, nutrition, and even stress management routine. If an over-packed yoga class or lines to get into the showers has been keeping you from working out, this may be the gym for you.

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