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7545 Lyndale Avenue S.
Richfield, MN 55423

Richfield Reviews by Kerry Galbraith

I went to Joy’s Pattaya Thai Kitchen in the middle of the week at noon for lunch. The restaurant was packed, but I, along with two of my co-workers, were able to take a seat at a sunny corner table immediately. This unassuming little restaurant on the corner of Lyndale and 76th Street in Richfield is a popular choice for locals looking for an authentic Thai meal over their lunch break.

Specify Your Spice

Between the three of us, we ordered the Pad Thai (L1), the Pad Kee Mow (L2), and the Singapore Noodles (L3.) All of the dishes on the lunch menu can be created as mild or as spicy as you want, with 0 chiles being very mild, and 5 chiles being 3rd degree burn spicy. We all ordered varying degrees of spice, and discovered that 3 chiles is quite spicy, even for the seasoned spice-eater. Along with your choice of heat level, you also have your choice of meat including chicken, pork, tofu, veggies, mock duck, beef or shrimp. Finally, you can chose your side dish which includes an egg roll, a cream cheese wonton, or a salad. We all opted for either the egg roll or the wonton, and both were predictably delicious.

Authentic Thai That Won’t Break the Bank

The weekly lunch special entrees, which include your choice of side dish, are all $9.95 and you’d be hard pressed to find a more delicious, authentic meal for less in Richfield. The servers working today were fast and friendly, but could only do so much to keep up with the growing lunch crowd. For this reason, I recommend you save your Joy’s Pattaya trip for a day when you can take a somewhat leisurely lunch; plan on at least an hour around noon. Joy’s Pattaya also has a more extended dinner menu that includes an extensive offering of appetizers, salads, soups and desserts in addition to entrees.

Overall, the three of us walked away happy and full from this popular Richfield restaurant. If you’ve never tried Thai food before, this is a great place to expand your horizons and experience another culture’s delicious food. The menu features some classic Thai dishes, and won’t break the bank!

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