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Richfield Reviews: Patrick’s Bakery and Café

Location Information
2928 West 66th Street
Richfield, MN 55423

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In this edition of Richfield Reviews I will be walking you through my experience at Patrick’s Bakery and Cafe. The first impression you are likely to get when walking into this bakery and café is “wow”, as there is an abundance of glass cases packed with delicious sweets and savory foods. Patrick’s Bakery and Café is known for making and serving only the finest and most creative baked goods, which you will notice immediately when you enter.

My Experience at Patrick’s Bakery and Café

When I first entered the bakery and café it was very busy, which I always take as a good sign. If a place like this is busy it’s usually going to be very good. I took several minutes just to check out their glass cases packed with a ton of baked goods that looked too pretty to eat. You can tell that a great amount of time and creativity is put into creating these sweet treats. There were also a ton of options to choose from, the number of choices were almost overwhelming as I wanted to order one of everything! The facility was also very clean, which I find to be especially impressive considering how busy they were. The staff members were very friendly and greeted me with a smile immediately and asked how they could help. Not only did they have a wide variety of food choices, but there was also an abundance of drink options to wash all those fresh pastries down with. I can’t wait to go back just so I can experience more of their baked goods!

Things to Note

The café is on the small side and seating is limited, which on my visit wasn’t an issue as I was alone and took my goods to go, but this could be an issue if you are with a large group. However, overall I can’t wait to go back and highly recommend Patrick’s Bakery and Café the next time you are looking for good food in Richfield!

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About The Author

This edition of the Richfield Reviews has been prepared by Nicole Sobania. It is important to note that the author is not a professional critic, but just an average person telling readers about her experience at these facilities. These reviews are also not meant to be harsh critiques, but simply to let readers know what to expect upon their visit.

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