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Richfield Reviews: Veteran’s Park

Location Information
6335 Portland Ave
Richfield, MN 55423
(612) 861-9350

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In this edition of Richfield Reviews I will give you a firsthand look at what you can expect on your visit to Veteran’s Park. On your visit you will first notice what a great area this is for the entire family, with tons of outdoor play areas. There is more than enough of great areas for the kiddos to run around and play and then have a family picnic together afterwards.

My Experience at Veterans Park

As the weather begins to warm it is always great to be outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. The perfect place to go is Veterans Park. While I was there in the spring, and all the rich greenery was still working on coming back to life after a cold winter, the park was still incredible. There was a ton of open green space to play a game of Frisbee or watch the kids run around. The park also has a ton of great walking paths that circle around a small lake and you can view wildlife on your walk, I was able to watch geese, ducks, and squirrels on my walk. You will also find that there is a great playground to help get the kids up, out and moving.

Other Things About Veterans Parks

I can’t stress enough how beautiful this park will be once everything begins to come back to life and greenery takes over the park. However, the park is a great way even in the spring months to get the family outside and moving for the day. Even better this is a fun family activity that is free! This park is great for everyone, even if you are thinking about taking that special someone out on a fun romantic day date, a walk in Veterans Park is the perfect activity!

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This edition of the Richfield Reviews has been prepared by Nicole Sobania. It is important to note that the author is not a professional critic, but just an average person telling readers about her experience at these facilities. These reviews are also not meant to be harsh critiques, but simply to let readers know what to expect upon their visit.

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