Richfield Sign Ordinance

Portable Signs ProhibitedThe City’s Zoning Code is intended to protect and promote public health, safety, comfort, aesthetics, economic viability and general welfare in the City.  The Code is the means by which the City can implement the long-term vision for its future as outlined in the Comprehensive Plan. Part of the City’s Zoning Code relates to Sign Regulations which are very important for business owners to understand.

The City regulates signs in an effort to provide adequate means of expression and to promote the economic viability of the business community, while protecting the City and its citizens from a proliferation of signs of a type, size, location and character that would have an adverse impact upon the aesthetics of the community and threaten its health, safety and welfare.

Some key points about signs:

  1. A permit and license from the City is required for most signs; although there are exemptions
  2. Typical sign applications are reviewed at a staff level and generally issued within 10 business days
  3. Some signs require additional permits (e.g. electrical, building)
  4. Violating the sign ordinance is considered a misdemeanor
  5. There is a fee for a sign permit; the fee to apply for a permanent sign is $100 and $35 for a temporary sign. Temporary sign permits are valid for 30 days and business can apply for up to 4 temporary permits per year.

A full description of the City of Richfield’s sign ordinance can be found here. When in doubt, contact Matt Brillhart, City of Richfield Planning Technician at 612-861-9776 or via email.