Start with Hello!

Tax Day! While the final push is here to have all your financials reconciled for the year, April is a great time to take stock of your business.

Did you set goals for the year? Are you on your way to reaching them? Maybe you need to reflect on what you have accomplished first quarter and adjust accordingly.

Whether your goals are to increase sales, increase brand awareness or increase your network, the Chamber can help. You joined for a reason, now is a great time to evaluate the effort you are putting forth to reach those goals. Maybe you’ve established your company & brand and your goal is now to focus on giving back to the community. The Chamber is here to grow your network in order to help you reach your goals!

I’ve been meeting with members recently and the common theme seems to be, “How do we connect more?” I keep saying, “Start with Hello, you never know where it will go!” Our network and our knowledge are exponentially increased by the connections we make. Meeting someone new is never a guarantee for instant business, but it’s a start at a new possibility. I’m always amazed at what I learn, simply by saying Yes! to meeting with someone new.

For example, The Rotary Club of Richfield reached out to the Chamber to learn more about how we could work together this year. We started by going to a Rotary meeting and we found ways to work together. From that meeting, I met with the Richfield Foundation President and a collaboration with the Richfield Historical Society is starting to form. The goal is to communicate to see if we can work smarter together, not harder! What are you waiting for? Sign-up for the next member meeting; when you get there, start with “Hello.” Let’s have a conversation about how we can work smarter together!