Vet’s Park Playground Equipment Update

Playground Site PlanVets Park playground equipment will be replaced in 2015 as part of the Richfield Capital Improvement Plan, funded by liquor store revenue. This is Richfield’s largest playground facility (on the west side, near 64th & Portland Ave) and the existing equipment is over 20 years old. The replacement equipment will be installed after children return to school and will be completed before winter.

New equipment was selected with extensive feedback from Richfield Connect and based on recommendations from the Community Services Commission, the park will feature areas for specific ages, the entire play area is surrounded by wood fiber (replacing sand) which is resilient and handicap accessible. In addition, there will be an 80-foot zip line, a 26-foot tall rope climbing structure, swings, a “Cozy Cocoon” spin-around, and what is sure to be the biggest attraction on the playground – the “Super Nova”. The new equipment presentation can be viewed here starting at the 1:03:57 mark from the July 22 City Council meeting.