Weekly Update 10.21.2019

Leadership Lessons from Erik Therwanger of Think GREAT
The 3 Pillars of Business Greatness

The other week, I was invited by one of our Chamber board members, Colleen Nagle from Midland Title, to attend a leadership seminar led by founder of Think GREAT, Erik Therwanger.  Erik is a United States Marine, executive business leader, sales professional, author, and entrepreneur.  Through his experience, he has developed what he calls The 3 Pillars of Business Greatness, including leading, planning, and selling. Over the course of about three hours, Erik shared from his various experiences and explained what he believes can take a business from just getting by, to absolutely flourishing.  I thought I would share a few highlights and questions that were impactful:

  • We all need a plan and system to create predictable outcomes.  Do you have a plan for your business?  What is your system?
  • Most businesses fail to have a shared language.  This requires becoming immersed in the language of your industry, but also developing a unique shared language for your specific team, company, and culture.
  • There is a difference between managing and leading.  Manage the work but lead your people.
  • Busy vs. Productive. Be honest, which category do you fall into?  What type of environment have you created within your business – one that rewards constant busyness, or one that recognizes true productivity?
  • For all those who are doing sales of some kind – be patient, persevere!  It can take 5-12 follow-ups to finally gain a new client, member, sponsor, etc.
  • Remember this – it’s not about perfection, but progress.

There was much more that Erik shared, but I hope that these nuggets of information spark a little inspiration as you strive to lead your business well.  Check out Erik Therwanger and his resources at Think GREAT.

A big thanks to Chamber board member Colleen Nagle and Midland Title for providing this great opportunity.  I’m excited to bring these leadership concepts into my work with the Chamber!