Weekly Update 2.19.18

Richfield Honda

Wednesday is our State of the Community and we are so excited to have updated the format this year. The event will be interactive with speakers from the Chamber, Richfield Public Schools, the Richfield Foundation and, our featured speaker, Mayor Regan Gonzalez. Each speaker will address how their areas of expertise are working in collaboration with Richfield community leaders. One of my favorite quotes about building community and how we are all connected is by Maura Gast, “If you build a place where people want to visit, you will build a place where people want to live. If you build a place where people want to live, you will build a place where people want to work. If you build a place where people want to work, you will build a place where business has to be. If we build a place where business has to be, we will be back to building a place where people have to visit.” Richfield’s community leaders are approaching our efforts by understanding that when one of us succeeds, we all succeed and we are excited to share that message with the entire community. The State of the Community will also be simultaneously interpreted in Spanish. There will be time at the beginning and end to interact with our business sponsors: Commuter Services, State Farm Agent Ashkan Morvari, Team Stockwell, The Lissarrague Agency, MICC, Legal Shield

We encourage each attendee to stop by their tables and learn about how they are contributing to our community. Residents, business members and community advocates are all welcome to attend this event. Please make sure you register on the Chamber website, so we can reserve your seat.

Richfield also just held a special election for open Ward 3 seat. The Chamber would like to congratulate Ben Whalen on his win and welcome him to the city council. Whalen is the Director of Youth Ministry and Community Engagement for the House of Prayer Lutheran Church where he works on a variety of projects aimed to make Richfield a stronger community for youth and families. The Chamber prides itself on having active communication with our City Council members and we look forward to working with Ben! We would also like to congratulate the other candidates, Judy Moe and Ben Sunderlin, who ran excellent campaigns. All three candidates would have been excellent representatives for the residents of Ward 3. We know that even though Judy and Ben were not elected, that they will continue to advocate for this community and help be part of the reason Richfield is thriving. When you see them out and about, make sure to congratulate all the candidates on a great campaign and their willingness to serve.


Member Announcements:

  • Commuter Services serves Richfield employers, commuters and residents by offering free resources to encourage sustainable transportation (transit, carpool, bicycle).  Visit our booth at the State of the Community, or online at www.494corridor.org
  • Don’t miss the ANNUAL WELLNESS EXPO!  A free community event for all ages. Saturday, April 13th at Richfield High School, 9am-12pm. Exhibitor applications are now being accepted. For information, please contact Carol McNaughton-Commers, c.mcnaughton-commers@rpsmn.org
  • Organics will be mandatory for some businesses in 2020. There will be an informational breakfast discussing the topic on March 18. Check out the Chamber calendar for details
  • Congratulations to our local gift shop Optimism IC! Great write-up in the Sun Current!

Fun Fact: Joining your local chamber can positively affect other organizations’ perceptions of your business, and also the views of consumers. Statistics show that 63% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a business that is a chamber of commerce member, and 44% are likely to view those businesses more favorably (Source: American Business Magazine).


Is there a topic you are interested in? Chances are there is a group or program within our community working on it. Check-in with the Chamber and we will help connect you to the resources you need. The Richfield Chamber’s mission is to connect businesses for a prosperous community. If you are interested in being a part of that, reach out and get involved today, we’d love to have you!

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