Weekly Update 3.20.2018

Greetings Members! I am excited to see everyone at the State of the City member meetings this Friday. If you haven’t registered yet, please be sure to do that today. I would like to remind you that we are also hosting a food drive for VEAP and to please bring your non-perishable food items, or a monetary donation, to the meeting.

We had a great meeting last week with our B.E.E.R. partners. We will be focusing on technology this year and Former governor Tim Pawlenty spoke on the 4th Industrial Revolution and the impact technology will have on business in our state. It is a great time to look at your organization and determine how you will use technology to continue to grow.

One economic indicator that Pawlenty spoke of was the lack of skilled labor and the impact it is having on our automotive, healthcare and technology industries. The Chamber has chosen to tackle the automotive career pathway first. Last year, we started the conversation to develop partnerships with our automotive members and our schools to be at the forefront of this issue. We identified these strategic partnerships within our community to help not only our automotive members thrive, but our community as well. Please take a minute to read the below article on why we need to rethink a career in these fields.

Why You Deserve A Career In The New Auto Industry

By Jane Applegate, readyjob.org

Decades ago, working in the automotive industry was one of the best jobs in the nation. Things changed for a while, but thanks to improvements in manufacturing and technology, these jobs are looking great again. In fact, it’s important that new people enter this field, as people will need these services.

If you are thinking about launching a new career, read on to learn more about why the auto industry is a great choice. Not only can you learn some valuable skills, it can be more affordable than you thought.

Not Your Father’s Industry

Life has changed a lot since Model-T’s were rolling off the line, and the automotive industry has caught up. Investopedia shows that the industry has changed a lot since the hard times in 2012. Automakers are seeing brisk sales, so they need industry workers to meet the increasing demand. Analysts are predicting a slow but steady increase in car sales because people in America, Europe, and China need American-made vehicles.

Then what can you expect from an automotive industry career? While this can vary from job to job, Liberty Staffing Services explains one big benefit is stability. Many technology-based industries are chaotic and fast-moving. It seems like those companies appear and disappear every day. While the auto industry is always updating its technology, the market for cars has steadily grown. In other words, you can expect your job to be secure for a long time to come. In addition, auto workers continue to enjoy higher pay and benefits than other career options. That’s true for working in a repair center or a factory.

Learning A New Career

Can anyone get one of these stable, good-paying jobs? It’s not like you can just walk from high school graduation into an auto plant. Autotraining.edu shows you need training from an automotive tech school. That’s because modern cars are more than just some sheets of metal and glass. Engines are detailed and complex, and these days, combined with computers and digital technology.

To work on designing cars, you will need a college degree in mechanical engineering or automotive technology engineering. Chron.com suggests you can start in high school by taking auto shop classes. These can give you a practical understanding of how cars work, which helps you do better in your college classes.

Whether you are fresh from high school or looking to change careers, there are grants and scholarships available to help pay for your education. Auto.edu lists many of these, including Pell grants, GI Bill programs, and the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers. Women are eligible for special financial aid from the Automotive Women’s Alliance and the Car Care Council Women’s Board.

Enjoy An Automotive Career

The demand for cars has not fallen. Everyone needs to get to work, home, and take trips. That’s why the automotive industry has revitalized in recent years. To get a new career in this industry, look for tech schools and degrees in engineering. Grants and scholarships can help pay for it, but don’t forget about the value of an organized garage at home. This way, you can be successful in your new, stable, and well-paying career.