Weekly Update 4.9.19

The State of the Community is Thursday, and with hundreds of community members planning on attending, we want to highlight some of our Chamber businesses helping to make the event a success!


Traditionally the State of the Community has been the State of the City and local business leaders attend and hear from the Mayor and City Staff on what to expect. This year we are changing things up a bit! We are thoughtfully leading an organization that encourages members to collaborate and lift each other up. We are thoughtfully taking steps to be inclusive and welcoming to all. In collaboration with Mayor Regan Gonzalez, we have decided to host an event that highlights all the areas that make this community thrive. Did you know that in addition to our public schools, Richfield is home to private and charter schools and that together, they make for excellent education choices for every family. Did you know, that the business community is growing and with that growth we want to plan and welcome businesses that serve our residents and all who pass through this community to the best of our ability. Did you know that with our schools and our business community Richfield hosts an incredibly generous non-profit community. Our goal is to help connect each resource within Richfield to others that will help them thrive in their space.

Join us on Thursday night to meet others who want to share in the success of this community. When you join us on Thursday, introduce yourself to the businesses who are sponsoring this event. Take a minute to stop by their table and learn about their services.

Sponsoring businesses for the State of the Community are:

Team Stockwell/ ReMax Results
Ashkan Movari- State Farm Insurance
Minnesota Independence Community and College
Commuter Services
The Aaron Lissarrague Agency
Richfield Dentistry

We look forward to hosting a robust crowd of all our community members. Residents, businesses and city officials will be in attendance. We welcome all to join us and look forward to connecting with each of you to hear how you can help us create a thriving community.