Weekly Update: Connecting Your Community

Greetings Chamber Members! Lots is happening at the Chamber and I am so energized that you all are excited to read about it! Together, we are off to a fast start this year! In January, I started a Thursday email series call Community Connections. So far I have featured Brent Wade, Holy Angels, Patrick Nau, A-1 Travel, Sue Durfee and Greg Worthen. This is an important series because our efforts this year will be connecting us to each other. I believe the more we know each other and our businesses, the more we can promote each other, share resources and grow as companies and a community.

Think about it, the best way to gain new business is by a personal referral. When you are having a conversation with a friend and they comment about a home project they are doing, you can say “Hey, you should call Lee Mollan of Tile Rite. I know him from the Chamber and you would be happy with his work.” Your friend is highly likely to trust your reference, and reach out to Lee to inquire about his services. Even if you haven’t yet met that member personally, you know you can say, “Hey, let’s check the directory to see who where should start looking.” You can feel confident using the Chamber directory page to find a trusted business.

Businesses that take the time to become Chamber members are businesses that have an active interest in the communities they live and work in. They are like-minded business people who want to contribute to the communities around them. They are businesses that want to network and connect with others. The Chamber is an easy platform to do that. I’ve been meeting so many Chamber and community members this past month and starting the basis for solid partnerships. Some meetings have been good introductions, and I file them away because I know that person will be an asset at some point; Other meetings have had immediate rewards! I never know what a simple, “Hello, I’m Anne Schultz and I’m with the Richfield Chamber,” will bring to my day. I encourage you as a Chamber member to take a risk, step out of your comfort zone, say hello to someone new. Start small, give yourself the goal of reaching out to one member this week. It could be as simple as reading the next community connections email and sending a quick note to the featured member that week just to say hello; Or send me a quick note, I’d love to hear from you!