19 Wellness Tips for a Healthy 2019

Wellness Tips 2019 Richfield Chamber of Commerce

New Year, new you. How many times have we said this? If you’re committed to a new you, here are the best of the best tips from our Wellness blog throughout 2018. These wellness tips are curated through Richfield Chamber of Commerce Members elev8wellness and Urban Fitness – Twin Cities and aim to help you set a healthy path to a healthy 2019.

1. Breaking the Real Spell: Food Addiction Pandemic

Food addiction is so prevalent that it’s actually normalized. We joke about it. We share comedic memes about losing self-control. Even though it’s entirely manageable AND the leading cause of death in the developed world by a massive landslide, we’ve come to accept it as a given and moved our focus onto less urgent and less prevalent issues. Click to read the entire post.

2. Functional Workouts and Smart Wellness Tips

Through functional workouts, you can turn every day activities into workouts. See one of the workouts from Urban Fitness – Twin Cities.

3. Re-Write Your Story

New Year’s resolutions fail; business plans fail; goal-setting fails; 5-year plans fail; follow-through fails. Part of the reason for the ubiquity of failure is we like goals that sound good. The thing is, they don’t have to. Read more to see how you can re-write your story.

4. How to Restart a Fitness Program

Starting a fitness program can seem scary when there are often lots of unknowns!

What programs are best for me? Who can help me when I have questions? Will I be treated right and listened to? What kind of environment will I thrive in? How can I work around my current injuries? What am I capable of now that it has been…forever…since I exercised?

See how you can take the scary out of restarting a fitness program.

5. Find Every Day Ways to Maintain Your Health

Mindful movement can help release stress and tension felt during a typical working day. This quick routine is a useful wellness tip to help maintain a healthy 2019. Watch the video here.

6. Break Weight Loss Superstitions 

There are a variety of different weight loss superstitions that can prevent individuals from achieving health goals. These superstitions stand in the way and the best way around them is to break them. See how you can do that through elev8wellness.

7. How Much Food To Have and Of What?

How much of each food should you have? This is a debate that has gone on for ages. Luckily, elev8wellness has created a handy guide, detailing how much food out of certain groups is healthy.

8. Side-Lying Spinal Rotation

Here’s a great stretch to help if you’re feeling tight across the chest or generally just stiff in your torso. This stretch stands out as a favorite for the clients at Urban Fitness.

9. Work Smart with Your Workouts

How much do you think you’d benefit with only 9 minutes of exercise? Turns out, you can benefit a lot from just a little workout. Read the experiment conducted by elev8wellnes and see how much a short workout can benefit you.

10. Prevent Injury To Keep On Your Health Plan

There are over 3 million US cases of Ankle Injuries every year, making it one of the most common injuries. Calf Raises (or Heel Raises) can help prevent ankle injuries. There’s also a way to work the whole leg through calf raises. Watch the process through Urban Fitness.

11. Get the Most out of Your Workout

Exercise takes repetitive movements to get down. Basketball players may shoot thousands of free throws, but if the form isn’t there, they might just be wasting time. Muscle action matters in workouts. Explore some of the most common issues encountered with muscle action and see how you can fix your form to make sure you’re getting the most from your workout.

12. Work On Something You Might Take For Granted

Balance doesn’t make it into a workout program until it’s noticeably declining. This can create poor form (see above) which can lead to injuries. Urban Fitness has a great workout that can help you build your balance without any expensive equipment.

13. Relieve Stress

Don’t be afraid to take your workout outside. Workouts can be natural stress relievers, and taking your workout outside can help boost your body’s self-healing through the immune system. Learn more about the healing benefits of venturing outside through Urban Fitness Twin Cities.

14. Don’t Forget About Your Brain

As another year passes, many will experience a loss in how sharp they feel or general cognitive ability. In a post from earlier this year, elev8wellness highlighted a way to help maintain your brain power and function through a reduction of stress and inflammation and with the addition of coconut oil. Read the full post here.

15. Eat the Right Foods For Your Weight Goal

The title to this post on elev8wellness is a bit shocking, but the process and methodology behind what occurs makes perfect sense. The title: Lose 24 Pounds in 24 Hours. The method? Understanding biology and knowing what the right food for your goal is. Think beyond calories and start thinking about what you’re trying to accomplish. 

16. Activate the Important Muscles

A lot of muscles go unused and create tension and overwork other muscles. One of the most common causes of back issues is overuse due to weak glutes. The most important thing about strengthening glutes is simply activating them, and Urban Fitness Twin Cities shows you how. 

17. Learn to Love Stretching

Stretches are a great way to stay healthy, fit, and activate muscles (see above), but if you can’t do them right, do they matter? See how to gently get into stretches and the proper positions thanks got Urban Fitness Twin Cities.

18. Workout to Prevent and Reverse Health Issues

Don’t just workout to prevent health issues, workout to reverse current health issues as well. Workouts can help significantly decrease the likeliness of certain health issues, but can also reverse trends your body might be on, specifically, Pre-Diabetes.

19. Sleep Tune Up for a Healthier Mind and Body

Have you ever tried stretching before you go to bed? Stretching before bed can help release tight muscles and create relaxation throughout your body, easing yourself into a nice sleep. Sleep issues are common for adults. In fact, 35% of U.S. Adults are not getting the recommended 7 hours of sleep each night. If you’re in this percentage, try stretching before sleep.